Our new Environmentally Friendly Latex Printer

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Our new Environmentally Friendly Latex Printer

HP Latex Designjet

HP Latex Designjet

Fantasy Prints has just invested in the latest and greenest printing technology. This printer print can print on a wide range of subtrates including textiles, wall papers, vinyls and pvc banner materials.

We purchased this printer not just for the high quality prints it can produce on a wide range of materials but to help us reduce our carbon footprint. Also with the “toxic odours” produced by most printers used in the sign industry this odourless free technology was a no brainer. Solvent based printers are starting to be phased out due to the harmfull nature of these printers so at Fantasy Prints we wanted to do our bit to help the environment and we traded in our printer for the HP Latex Designjet printer.

Here are some of the green benefits of this printer

The environmentally related benefits of the HP Latex printer with water-based HP Latex Inks include an improved printing environment, odorless prints, and a range of recyclable media that can even be sent back to HP for recycling — at HPs expense.

The HP Latex Designjet Printer series with HP Latex Inks can produces signs and graphics on a wide range of flexible media for a diverse range of outdoor and indoor applications. The outstanding image quality of up to 1200 dpi and wide color gamut help to create eye-catching graphcis with rich hues and vibrant tones. The prints also have a durablity and display permanence of up to 3 years oudoors without lamination – comparable to eco-solvent inks.

Designed under the HP Eco Solutions program, the HP Latex Printer has benefited from HPs global network of environmental product stewards working with design and development teams to incorporate environmental innovations.

Chief amongst these is revolutionary HP Latex Ink.

As a result of theese effors, the HP Designjet Latex Printer series can help lower the impact of printing on the environment and it offers a distinclive range of environmentally related benefits to both sign and graphcis print service providers and their print buying customers.

Graphics printed with HP Latex inks are odorless. At least they have no odor beyond whatever faint smell is inherent to the substrate. this can give print service providers a competitive edge for graphics that will be used in food stores, restaurants, fitness centers, medical facilities, or anywhere else where print odors might be a concern.

Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Cerified

Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Cerified

The HP Designjet Latex Printer is ENERGY STAR qualified, which means that they meet strict energy efficiency guidelines without sacrificing performance – or your productivity. This means we do not require external dryers for productive operation. These factors help to keep overall energy costs down.

As you can see the HP Designjet Latex Printer has not just given Fantasy Prints an amazing enhancement in quality and range of products we can produce but also if you are purchasing any signs or vehicle livery and you use Fantasy Prints over other sign companies still using the old toxic solvent technology you are also helping the environment.

Call us today to find out more information and what high quality green services and products we can offer you!

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